Patient with atrophic upper jaw has been missing teeth for past 30 years. patient's denture do not have appropriate stability and retention that causes severe social and functional impairement. No bone in the zone 2 and zone 3 of maxilla. Zygomatic (Zygoma) implants are indicated Zygoma implants will be placed along with two anterior dental implants all at the same time.

Implants will be placed under concious IV (intravineous) sedation and local anesthesia. This is a prefered painless anesthetic technique same one we use for extractions of wisdom teeth. Only handful of surgeons are trained and are able to perform Zygoma Implants fixed upper prosthesis emidiate loading.

Here at Galleria Oral and Maxillofacial surgery Center in Roseville, California we perform state of the art surgeries for patients missing one, several or all the teeth.

Surgical solution

  • Zygomatic implant technology
  • Dental Implants Done in a Straight-Forward Procedure
  • Minimal Surgical Trauma Resulting in Maximum Aesthetics