The patient started his orthodontic treatment January, 2014 with the orthodontist. The patient had an upper jaw retrusion with severe deficiency of the midface. He had normal lower jaw length, overjet of approximately 18 mm. Septal deviation and enlarged inferior turbinates were present. The upper arch was constricted and required three-piece Le Fort I maxillary osteotomy.

Problem List

  • Severe Maxillary Hypoplasia
  • Class III malocclusion

Surgical Planning

  • Maxilla Le Fort I three-piece osteotomy advancement
  • Midface Augmentation with bone graft
  • Inferior Border Osteotomy for asymmetry in correction
  • Midface augmentation with bone graft for acute augmentation
  • Intranasal surgery to correct the nasal septal deviation and inferior turbinectomies

Surgery Performed

  • Le Fort I Three-Piece Osteotomy
  • Bite Correction
  • Nasal Base Correction
  • Medium Size Cheek Implants

Note: Current after photos was taken two months after surgery. We will update the photos after the patient has had more time to heal and has his braces removed.

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