Maxillofacial surgery, Feminization, Performed at Galleria OMS Center by Dr Alexander V. Antipov at Roseville, CA Feminization operations are the one that help to acquire more feminine-like look. These operations include surgical manipulations on the entire facial skeleton from the upper to the lower face part.

1. Frontoplasty

Frontoplasty is a surgery aimed at reducing projection of superciliary arches, and it can be combined with correction of upper lateral orbital edge, reduction of frontal bone projection, and eyebrow lifting. The main peculiarity of this operation is that the surgeon accesses bones by raising hairy scalp and laying bare forehead bones, It requires high professionalism of surgeons and anesthesiologists and can be performed by top-class maxillofacial surgeons only.

2. Cheekbone form correction

Voluminous correction of periorbital area. This procedure can be done either with voluminous implants (MEDPOR, silicone), or with volumetric correction with patient’s own fat, or fillers based on hyaluronic acid. In some cases, cheekbone areas should be reduced, which can be done with osteotomy of cheekbones with narrowing and fixation. This surgery is done my maxillofacial surgeons only, but not by plastic surgeons, because in this case, bone structures are altered instead of soft tissues.

3. Rhinoplasty

This feminization operation is aimed at making nose more accurate and requires maximum surgeon’s attention before and after operation, because sometimes patients may have thick nose skin, and wide nasal bridge, which requires reducing foundation structures (bones and cartilage). Yet rhinoplasty should not affect breathing.

4. Orthognathic operations for face feminization

These operations should be planned according specific peculiarities of female skull. Planning is performed prior to surgery and is based on cephalometric analysis. No surgery on soft tissues can give the same aesthetic effect as an orthognathic surgery. Pretty often, these surgeries imply reduction of width of the lower jaw and chin.

5. Reduction of projection of laryngeal prominence (Adam’s apple)

This procedure can be done under local anesthesia with sedation as a separate procedure, or as a part of a bigger surgery. The surgeon performs resection (reduction) of the bulging part of the Adam’s apple by cutting and polishing it. It does not affect voice and is pretty easy to undergo.