Wisdom teeth removal at Galleria OMS at Roseville, California

Dr Alexander Antipov

I often hear from both doctors and patients "Why remove them if they don't bother me?!" This is especially true of impacted teeth. In part, this view is justified due to availability of all kinds of videos and information on internet with hours long and complex operations of removal of wisdom teeth, that tell about scary consequences, etc. At the same time they completely forget that the wisdom teeth of those who have them sooner or later will lead to problems so complicated that the preventive removal will seem a mere trifle. Well, it's the same as to be afraid of a little mole removal and wait for it to become a major malignant tumor. Do you need such risks? Read about them here. Well, if I tell you that the removal of wisdom teeth now takes 15-20 minutes (even in the most complex cases), is completely painless and safe and at the same time you are, in fact, preventively solve a number of serious problems — will it change your opinion about teeth "which don't need be removed until they bother you?"

A few simple conclusions about the need for the removal of wisdom teeth:

  1. If there is a pre causes to the problem (for example impacted wisdom tooth), then the problem itself is just a matter of time and to solve this problem is definitely more difficult than to eliminate pre causes.

  2. The regular checkups and x-rays have undoubted benefits since they can reveal conditions before they become a problem. There is a chance to identify the disease at an early stage as well.

  3. Any problem can be solved. The degrees of difficulty or comfort might vary, but still are solvable. Of course, small problems can be solved much easily than complex ones.

  4. Impacted wisdom teeth removal is recommended even if they do not bother you, although do have very rare exceptions.

  5. The last step is not too complex, since all you need to do is find your doctor!