Patient with maxillary hyperplasia, mandibular hypoplasia, chin deficiency, and vertical maxillary excess. The case was planned in 3D with the medical modeling and 3-view surgery performed from the Cone Bean CT Scan, maxillary impaction, mandibular advancement, and genioplasty via inferior border osteotomy was planned along with endonasal surgery.

Surgical solution

Orthognathic surgery was performed by Dr Alexander Antipov at Mercy General Hospital in Sacramento, California. Le Fort I osteotomy, maxillary impaction, mandibular bilateral sagittal-split osteotomy, advancemet genioplasty, and the nasal surgery, septoplasty, inferior turbinectomies.

  • Chin Forward an Down
  • Bite Correction
  • Lower Jaw Forward
  • Upper Jaw Up
  • Clockwise Face Correction