Patient with deep bite class II malocclusion and declined facial profile. Denied history of mouth breathing, temporomandibular joint disfunction, headache and sleep disturbance (sleep apnea). Patient referred by his orthodontist with recommendations for mandibular advancement surgery. Patient had mandibular horisontal hypoplasia, microgenia and a possible retrusive maxilla. Patient had shallow infraorbital rims, cheek bones and alar base. He also had a recessive lower lip, chin and short throat length.

Problem List

  • Class II Deep Bite
  • Generalized short teeth, looks like they are worn in half
  • Needs to have post orthodontic veneers to improve the height/width ratio on all of the patient's anterior teeth

Surgery Planning

Sagittal split osteotomy and inferior osteotomy. In addition, patient was requested Le Fort Osteotomy, 3 pieces.

Surgical Results

  • Upper Jaw Forward
  • Lower Jaw Forward
  • Chin Forward and Down
  • Counterclockwise Face Rotation
  • Bite Correction