Denta implants surgery, food and nutrition, Advised at Galleria OMS Center by Dr Alexander V. Antipov at Roseville, CA Ask your dentist about getting dental implants and begin enjoying all the nutrient rich foods.

We often are surprised to hear that our patients have been craving the simple bite and crunch of fruits and vegetables. But due to failing bridges and dentures that are made of plastic, result in giving you the inability to chew foods properly. Therefore drastically limiting your food intake. One of our primary objectives for dental treatment is to help you chew without pain and eat more of a variety of foods consisting of vitamins such as meats, fish, poultry, vegetables and fruits. Consuming a well balanced diet ultimately improves your overall well being. Studies show that missing teeth can affect your ability to bite leading to malnutrition. Dental implants are integrated with your jawbone giving you the ability to eat and chew properly, making eating more enjoyable and giving you a better quality of life. At Fusion Dental Implants our patient coordinators will answer your questions, walk you through the procedure step by step and get you closer to enjoying your cravings again.